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Global Esthetician was founded in 2019. We are a very new, fresh and exciting Esthetician Supply Company looking to take our industry by storm. We stand on great quality, great customer service and great support every step of the way. Global Esthetician is your Esthetician Supply Source. This company was created for the Esthetician / Cosmotologist looking for convenience and Quality. We strive to keep a wide range of items in our inventory to keep the busy Esthetician/Cosmetologist from having to wait on different packages in the mail. Ordering from one convenient site for the bulk of your needs is ideal when running a busy business as many of you know! We are here to help. Global Esthetician is not only a store, but an Esthetician Safe Haven.

Join our blog section where we discuss different industry topics and give tips to the Growing Esthetician. After all, We all have a story and a never ending journey.

One Goal, One Passion, One Love.